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Oh To Breathe Again, Poetry, Prose, and Pictures

Oh To Breathe Again, Poetry, Prose, and Pictures

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In her debut poetry and art collection, Cicely explores the idea of breathing and life. Slightly memoirish, you will find words of her past navigating life's crazy events and learning how to breathe again.

Paying homage to the bodies where their breath was stolen from them. Mantras and breathing exercises grace the pages sprinkled with art. A blend of love mixed with politics mixed with self-reflection and self-healing, these words remind us to breathe.

This is a beautiful work of art that will always be timeless.

Published by Kindred Creatives Art and Literary Press, making space for Black, Indigenous, and People of Color's voices!

  • 55 pages
  • Square Poetry and Photo Book
  • Comes with a print from the book

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