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First Art Show: The Heart Of A Black Woman

Yall, I was too excited to head up to Lubbock to celebrate Juneteenth. I was thoroughly surprised by the success of my sales! It is so much different than selling online. I was able to engage with people, tell them my story, the meaning behind the painting, and more. 

I had initially planned on going before this because my art has been accepted into a show, Contributions of a Black Woman but Danielle told me to wait until Juneteenth. 

Below is a video interview of the show. My piece, The Heart Of A Black Woman was featured. 

About the Piece:

To be a black woman, you feel everything all at once, you are everything all at once. Rage, leadership, compassion, anger, peace, and on and on. To be a black woman is to be a caregiver, a lover, a fighter, an educator, a helping hand. To be a black woman is to be seeking peace in the midst of the storm while leading others to freedom. To be a black woman is to be powerful and strong as well as soft and calm at the same time. To be a black woman is to take the lead and be a follower. The dichotomy, the duality, the multifaceted layers of a black woman’s heart stays on fire with everything she does. You see her heart in her career, how she speaks with people, how she loves, how she seeks peace... The heart of a black woman By Cicely Carr

Acrylic on Canvas 

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